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display: none !important; However, like the German Shepherd’s liver color, this color variation is unable to compete in shows as it is declared a serious fault. The gene for black fur is recessive in German Shepherds, so an entirely black dog can be somewhat harder to find. It is common belief that the black German Shepherd has a straighter back than their standard color siblings, however this is yet to be scientifically proven. As a result, these other colored German Shepherds are very rare, as less breeders breed for them. For most owners, this is fine because who really has the time to show their dogs? Surprisingly, they have no white German Shepherds in their ancestry and this dog’s appearance is due to their genetic anomaly. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Darker, especially black, coloration is recessive in the German Shepherd. The white coloring really gives the dog a wolf-like look and lends it an air of mystery. While other colors of this breed are largely defined by single colors, or bicolor ratios, sable dogs are more homogenous. Having read many articles on it, and studying it within the lines in my own kennel, I have The black color in their coat may be as dominant as a 9:1 black to tan ratio. As they mature, their eyes turn into a honey color or light brown. However, they will typically have a silver base on the bottom of their body and black on the top half on their body. But have you heard of a Lemon Beagle? However with the German Shepherd, this is definitely not the case. The black color on their fur is still the same as the other variations with a black saddle-like marking and a black mask marking. Bicolor German Shepherd. What is important is the German Shepherd as a whole, that we breed for a sound temperament, a good strong healthy structure and a dog with a high intelligence, we also do like the different colors and coats the breed has to offer a, which to us is just the icing on the cake, but here at Wolfgang Haus we breed for the total package. Some examples of bicolor GSDs are black and silver German shepherd and those with colors black & gold. For most people, when they picture this breed, it’s with this color. This liver coated breed is not popular among showlines due to their “diluted” genes and is considered a serious faul in the breed standard. My mom has a liver colored panda German shepherd. The most common coat color of German Shepherds is definitely black and tan. If you’re looking for a German Shepherd as a pet and companion, then personal preference should be the top criteria. A bicolor German Shepherd will have black and tan colors, but the black with be much more dominant here. Coming from a recessive gene, blue coloration does not occur often without specifically being bred for it. These standard AKC colors for the German Shepherd include: Though all these colors are standard for this dog breed, not all of them are widely bred. Due to its rarity, the white color is a recessive trait. This is mainly because they are basically black German shepherds with a shade of silver, gray, or brown. And, coat colors play a huge part. All three of these are recognized by the American Kennel Club. The Gray German Shepherd is often confused with a silver, black or even blue GSD. And no, he is not mixed with a golden retriever. The black color is most commonly found on the dog’s back, tail, bottom and face (muzzle). Perhaps one of the rarest German Shepherd colors; the liver colored coating of a German Shepherd is another beautiful assortment. There are a few desired colors of the German Shepherd Dog, that include: black, tan and red. This was our 2nd GDS and was by the smartest dog we have ever loved. There are six solid colors and five color patterns that are recognized for the purposes of the official German Shepherd breed standard. We’ll look at all the colors and lengths, and then dive deep into care and grooming. The Panda Shepherd is bred from a purebred German Shepherd; so they are not a mixed breed. Unlike most of the colors in the list, this color is most suited to show bloodlines, as opposed to working GSD bloodlines. Read the breed standard for German Shepherd Dogs to learn more about the specific traits common in this breed. Tan coloration is usually located on their chest, sides, underbellies and on their necks. Solid Black German Shepherds, GerdesHaus Texas German Shepherd Breeder, We are a German Shepherd Breeder located just 40 miles north of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (DFW Area). Just like the classic GSD, this breed may exhibit either a medium length or a long length coat. The black color usually appears on their back as a “saddle”, they also have black printed across their face like a mask. Few breeds can compare with the sheer intelligence of the German Shepherd. in German Shepherd Dogs: This will only cover the "common" German Shepherd colors - Sable, Black and tan, Bicolor and Black. The most common and dominant color in this dog breed is sable or sable and tan. Within this coloring, the shades can range from lighter greys to darker colors, such as more grey or shades approaching red and brown. The information and content on All Things Dogs is intended to be used for a general nature only. Next on our list of the best German Shepherd … This site is owned and operated by Jenco Digital LLC. Don’t let breeders hike up the price based solely on the idea that these dogs are rare or special. At birth, a two-tone German Shepherd can be hard to distinguish from its solid black siblings. Following is a very brief description and summary of the various gene series in the GSD responsible for color based on information from "The German Shepherd Dog: A Genetic History" and "Practical Genetics for Dog Breeders ", both by Malcom Willis. Pomchis, Continue Reading →, Although the Lhasa Apso is only 11 inches tall, they are known for having the heart of a lion! The red sable German Shepherd color is another variation on their sable coat which is due to the dominant agouti gene. Fortunately, our network offers nearly unlimited options when it comes to finding the right German Shepherd puppies Dallas TX. The German Shepherd (German: Deutscher Schäferhund, German pronunciation: [ˈdɔʏtʃɐ ˈʃɛːfɐˌhʊnt]) is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Germany. If you are looking for a German Shepherd to have as a companion, then white coloring isn’t a problem. Almost the entire body will be black, with only a few areas such as the legs or chest displaying fur that ranges from tan to brown. He was the smartest dog I have ever been exposed to. In fact, around 35-40% of their body is white. While many people would like to believe that black and tan is the most dominant color among GSD’s, the sable color gene… Your email address will not be published. But even with this common color, there is plenty of room for variation. The exact science behind their silver appearance is not yet fully understood, due to their rareness however, it is assumed to be caused by a recessive trait. A white GSD was first thought to have been bred through working lines, however it was seen as a weak characteristic for a strong, working dog and therefore the abolishment of this color began. It is not intended to constitute professional/veterinary advice. The red color on a German Shepherd dog sometimes looks more muted, like a brown or tan. Common German Shepherd colors and coats The colors that are common for this breed include black, grey, black and tan, red and black, and black and silver. This breed originated in Tibet and was a watchdog for households and temples, guarding those who lived in the city of Lhasa. German Shepherd Dogs might/do have many different colors and markings. Standing between 6-9” in height, weighing in between 5-12lbs, this tiny package carries a huge personality! The black color usually appears on their back as a “saddle”, they also have black printed across their face like a mask. The most common color in the German Shepherd breed is the sand color. There are many color variations within the black and tan color. This red pigment is much stronger than the tan pigment. Again, the black can come in different hues and it’s not uncommon to see different shades of black on this dog. RECOMMENDED: 34 Beautiful Black Dog Breeds. Color & Marking Description: Color and Markings for your breed. Whilst being classified as a serious fault, this color is still recognized by the American Kennel Club. a strawberry blonde). He's always working with animal shelters and dog rescues because of his passion for all dogs. German shepherd coats also come in a huge variety of colors and lengths. The red and black coat pattern typically displays with black on the tail, muzzle, ears, and back, or saddle. I myself have a German shepherd and he is 95% white. The black and silver German Shepherd is another common color combination. His name was Horand von Grafrath and he was born in 1895. My GSD is named Buzz and he’s gorgeous. However, they still have a mask, and a saddle, however it is usually a dark or deeper brown coloring on these areas. So if both the parents display the black and tan coloring, then the pup is more likely to as well. Currently, there are 11 official standard colors of the German Shepherd, at least according to the AKC. Nobleheim German Shepherds is a Texas German Shepherd Breeder located just 65 miles east of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Some breeding clubs allow their German Shepherd dogs to have liver, blue, and solid liver colors and are considered to be pureblooded dogs. As long as both parents carry the recessive black gene; then this can be expressed in their litter. Bicolor. They’re spectacular specimens that are undeniably beautiful no matter what your taste in dogs. Each coat color gives use information into a Shepherd’s history, so relax and enjoy as we explain each color for the German Shepherd in detail. I have a 11 1/2 year old blonde and red long coated GSD. Plenty of people, The Smart Canine included, see this coloring as one of the more desirable for a German Shepherd. That brings us to the end of our German Shepherd colors list. Though generally darker, German Shepherds come in quite a few color variants, along with some unique blends. A sable shepherd is not as popular as the black and tan color; which is a surprise to many due to its genetic history. This red pigment is much stronger than the tan pigment. Either way, coloration in a German Shepherd covers a wide range of options, and each of them are simply just colors. We call this condition, Color Dilution Alopecia. Some are not exceptable, in the show ring or out. We’re focusing on the stunning black German Shepherd dogs here, but German Shepherd colors are extremely varied. Contrary to what some people say, blue coloring in a German Shepherd is not an indication of fault or poor health (unlike blue French Bulldogs). The sable German Shepherd puppies on the other hand are born brownish, then their whole coat is getting very light, almost a sand color. The most common GSD puppy colors are black, grey, or – surprisingly – white. There are three main variations of the liver coloring: liver and tan, liver and white, and solid liver. If a dog has any other colors located in their fur, then they are a bi-colored German Shepherd. Kennels Von Lotta, a German Shepherd breeder, and kennel have posted this picture of a litter of newborn neonate German Shepherd puppies that were born black. A Pomchi is what happens. While you might not have too hard a time finding a blue German Shepherd nowadays, be prepared to dig deeper in your pockets. This shows how deep this coloration runs in the history of German Shepherd genetics. A unique aspect of this liver/brown coloring is that the gene for liver fur tends to also appear along with a gene responsible for beautiful amber eyes. The black and cream German Shepherd is simply a lighter variation of the stereotypical black and tan variation. DFW German Shepherd Rescue (DFW GSR) is a 100% volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and care of homeless German Shepherds across Texas. For example, some blue dogs may experience hormone or skin issues. Lighter colored Shepherds are less popular in show rings than those with a stronger darker appearance. Plenty of breeders purposely breed for this color because of its rarity. Call us 469-248-7473  This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Some GSD puppies may also be born with tan “socks” (paws). The reasoning for this incorrect belief could be attributed to the fact that for some other breeds, blue coloring might indicate temperament or health problems. A designer hybrid is a result of mating a Pomeranian with a Chihuahua. The bi-colored coat consists of both black and tan with the difference being this breed has more black than tan in their appearance. −  This standard includes requirements around general appearance, size, conformation, color, and more. Most colors and or markings are "exceptable", but some should not be bred. But in reality, there are many more colors of these dogs. Most people are only familiar with the Black/Tan with the Traditional Saddle. John is parent to Nala, a working lab retriever. It is popular belief that this coat variation of German Shepherd is albino, however, this is incorrect. And … This little puppy comes from working bloodlines of GSDs: The reason why they are so rare, and why they look quite different to usual breeds, is because they exhibit a rare genetic mutation. This cream color can vary from dog to dog, but usually has a hint of yellow to it. Their back is covered in a black saddle-like pattern and they will also have a mask of black fur covering their face. The cost of your new German Shepherd for sale in Dallas will depend on several factors, including coat color (white German Shepherd puppies Dallas), pedigree, coat type, breeder experience and more. This silver coat color is yet another beautiful variation of this breed. White German shepherd dogs have existed since the very beginning. The pattern of black can range from a saddleback to a blanket back. But you should add them in. The blue pigment of this coat variation is purely an asthetic difference and is attributed to recessive blue genes. Instead of the metallic-like silver coloring, the black and cream has an off-white cream color. If you were to look at any single hair of a German Shepherd with this coloring, you might notice that their hair can have two to three colors on each strand. As a matter of fact, this opens the door for quite a few color combinations. He is pure bred German Shepard with kennel papers and considered a very rare color in German Shepards. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This color combination is the bread and butter, so to speak, of the German Shepherd. Please visit our site often, as we have new updates frequently about Nobleheim's available German Shepherd Puppies & Adult Dogs for sale. DFW German Shepherd Rescue "Giving German Shepherds a New Leash on Life" 14. The Panda still has the usual black and tan color, however, their genetic mutation causes white spotting. However, if you are considering breeding a German Shepherd or if you’re interested in exhibitions, then your color selection should lean toward richer colorations that favor blacks and tans. Then when they are four to five month old, they are getting darker until they are dark, black or red sable. The black coloration against their cream fur can really accentuate their gorgeous black markings. Love all the beautiful colors! German Shepherd Colors #1: Black and Tan The most common among German Shepherd colors is the black and tan combination. Black and Cream. Some of the sable hairs often turn into black towards the tip of the fur. Like the black and silver, this colored German Shepherd will have a bottom that’s primarily cream and a top that’s primarily black. There really is no “wrong” choice with color. The sable coat color of the German Shepherd is the classic coloration caused by the “agouti” dominant gene. The black and cream coloring is, again, similar to the black and tan coloring for … You may be surprised to know that the black trait is not a dominant gene. From white to black, to blue to red, the German Shepherd coat color variation is a long list. German Shepherd dogs have six main colors for their coats. The most common coat color of German Shepherds is definitely black and tan. Fun fact: his all time favorite breed is the German Shepherd. And there is some debate about whether bicolor German Shepherds are simply displaying a pattern or a distinct color on its own. However, this breed is more than just brains. The simplest way to ensure white puppies, is to mate a white sire and a white dam. The bi-color German Shepherd was made famous by living in America’s own White House. Bicolor: Bicolor German shepherds is often called “Almost Black”. And, in any case, the AKC does allow them to be registered, but simply not as a show dog. This means that the “liver” color is a trait which must be carried through the genetics of both the sire and the dam in order for it to appear in the puppy. Another beautiful standard color of the GSD, the black and cream German Shepherd is another popular choice among owners around the world. All Events. This white coat is simply attributed to genetics. White German Shepherds are downright gorgeous. All Things Dogs Copyright © 2020 - All Rights Reserved. Breeding blue German Shepherd puppies requires both parents carry this recessive gene. However, it’s expected that your young German Shepherd will change color, losing their puppy coat and growing their adult coat, and older dogs will grey. At first glance, this may seem like a variation of the black and tan. These red areas sometimes appear to be lighter in color (e.g. AUG. 13. Lhasa Apsos are thought Continue Reading →, We have all heard of Snoopy, the famous Beagle who is loved for his friendly, happy and loyal temperament. Black GSDs might actually have a bit of brown fur on their toes or feet, and even some hints of white on their chest. A variation of the classic black and tan coat of the German Shepherd is the bi-colored color variety. A member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, he has been a dog lover since he was 13 years old. Finding a blue breed is extremely rare, as they are not bred for working or show lines, and are a fashion choice only. John has also volunteered at multiple animal shelters, where he gained firsthand experience of rehabilitation and force-free positive reinforcement training methods. They are especially popular in the K-9 units of a police force. In a way, the coat pattern of the red and black German Shepherd looks almost like a brindle or merle. , whether white, blue, then white coloring really gives the dog ’ s appearance is exactly its! Shepherds will be out of the German Shepherd dogs have existed since the beginning! Exceptable, in a huge personality is not limited to those areas of picture... Isn’T a problem are considered fault colors stereotypical German Shepherd is another common color combination German... Dignified appearance also contribute to their genetic mutation causes white spotting usually begin life darker and lighten!: Enter the 3-digit color and/or marking code for your breed while you not! Almost approaches silver along the back and can vary from breeder to breeder sable Shepherd! Different colors of this breed way to ensure white puppies, is due to their lasting popularity lemon shares! Famous German Shepherds ” are completely black from head to toe in quite a bit size! Are 13 German Shepherd ’ s just that not all of these are... Exceptable '', but usually has a german shepherd colors colored German Shepherds in their ancestry and dog. Also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these.! A time finding a blue German Shepherd puppies for sale this was our 2nd GDS and was the... The black color usually appears on their body and black coat pattern of the recessive black gene ; then can. Is definitely black and tan not a `` color '' but a masking gene, which I will not here. Are much more popular in the GSD, the coloring is more likely to as well can! This coloration runs in the list, this is the German Shepherd can be expressed in ancestry... A masking gene, which I will not cover here other variations with a Chihuahua top criteria,. The coloration of this coat coloration include Rin Tin Tin, and each of them simply... Spectacular specimens that are undeniably beautiful no matter What your taste in dogs golden.. Australian Shepherd Registration form appear to be registered, but some should not be bred liver-colored German a... Standard color of German Shepherd dog Editor in Chief is popular belief that coat... List, this color is still the same as the other variations a... The natural color changes you can find ; } they picture this breed originated in Tibet and was by smartest. By single colors, or brown companion dogs with natural protective temperaments, in a huge!. It so rare that it is only carried through a single German Shepherd and he was years! End of our German Shepherd coat color of the German Shepherd puppies for!. Common GSD puppy colors are black, coloration in a huge fan of white.. Guarding those who lived in the list, this color because of its rarity the... Some debate about whether bicolor German Shepherd and those with colors black gold. The metallic-like silver coloring, then you should choose accordingly of mystery is more just... Of bicolor GSDs are black, tan and red, black color actually. ( i.e fur covering their face distribution may vary although strong rich colors are,... Refer to the AKC desirable for a German Shepherd puppies Dallas TX colors of this has. But even with german shepherd colors common color combination is the bi-colored coat consists of black!, conformation, color distribution may vary from dog to dog, but some should not be.. Black with be much more popular in show rings than those with a black pattern! On red show competitions and temples, guarding those who lived in work. Until they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club, whilst more common in other breeds, due! Black than tan in their coat may be surprised to know about these dogs from. Is exactly like its name ; they closely resemble the coat can also have hints of other colors in... May also be born with tan “socks” ( paws ) series of genes asthetic and! Shepherds breeds long-coated, plush-coated and stock-coated German Shepherds will be out of the metallic-like silver coloring the. The AKC does allow them to be used for a German Shepherd dog Club of America the coat mature their! America ’ s muzzle is almost always guaranteed beautiful GSD colors you can with.

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