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everest base camp women's packing list

This trip is once in a lifetime opportunity and can be very photogenic. When you go on the Everest Base Camp trek or any other teahouse trek, it is very important to take the right clothes and gears to avoid unnecessary complications. 5. This means that if you have a long packing list, your luggage is going to be bulkier, and in case you have a short one, your luggage is going to be lighter. This article is about Everest Base Camp packing list for Female. These are required especially for daytime trekking. Raincoats: traveling during June- September, needs umbrellas and rainproof trousers. Preparation is key to getting the most out of your Everest Base Camp trek, and is a main component to the overall experience. Neckbands can be worn as a scarf, facemask, and headband to keep your hair out of your face. But worry not with a little determination, you will be able to explore some of the finest scenic beauty while having the trek of your life. The trek to the 5360m is challenging, thrilling and rewarding as climbing the peak itself. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Normal fleece gloves aren’t suggested as they let the wind through. Headband/Balaclava: A headband to keep your hair in place, Blister plasters: Prevents from the blisters given by ill-fitting shoes or bruises on the trails, Painkillers: You might get a headache or cold at high elevations, Water purification tablet: Buyin bottled mineral water, in the trails is expensive, so carry your own purification tablets, Isotonic Powders: They provide energy throughout the day, Personal Items for Everest Base Camp Trek. Everest Base Camp Packing List- Clothing Upper body. Tags: Everest Base Camp Packing List, Everest Base Camp Equipment List, Packing List For EBC, Nepal Packing List, Nepal Trekking Packing List, Packing List for Nepal So you are suggested to go up slowly, take it easy, and give your body time to get used to the altitude. This is also suggested as an Icebreaker one because they’re the most preferable. But, the trek can be a worse nightmare if you fail to arrange a complete Everest Base Camp packing list for Everest Base Camp Trek. Boots Comfortable boots with good traction make the trek a lot easier. The elevation of the trail starts at 9,318 feet in Lukla and goes up to 17,598 feet at Base Camp. Medications should definitely be included in Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List for Female Trekkers. Throughout the article, we have listed recommended products and brands which we have used. Copyright © Travel Diary Nepal. This list is a comprehensive Everest Base Camp packing list. j.            Trekking sandals – Your feet might want to be out of those tight boots for a while. Everest Base Camp Packing List. We aim to provide all the information you need to travel to Nepal. Their hard work is appreciable. Here is the list of packing materials you will need as a female trekker in your expedition. There were the experts who have all the top-of-the-line gear, down to underwear that is specially-made for trekking. As you will be wearing this item for quite a few hours every day of … Basic Nepali words and Phrases to connect with People: Monsoon Season in Nepal: Trekking in Nepal in Summer, 5 Reasons Why You Must Trek Langtang Valley. Gaiters are really important to protect your boots and trousers from mud or rain. This is an absolutely critical item for any Everest base camp packing list. Women, all over the world, have been breaking boundaries set by the traditional mindset. These can be worn on top of your normal trousers to apply additional warmth and prevent yourself from getting your clothes wet. These can be very useful for the nights. One of the more daunting tasks you will encounter on the Everest Base Camp Trek is packing for the trek itself! 1. Of course, if you have any questions or queries about this Everest Base Camp Packing List then just leave a comment below and we will respond within 24 hours. Baby wipes can also be used for feet. Because we traveled around the U.A.E., Sri Lanka and Oman before flying to Nepal, we didn’t have many warm clothes and other hiking essential with us when arriving in Kathmandu.. The following packing list for the Everest Base Camp Trek has been prepared by Tammy Lowe.All affiliate links are denoted by an asterisk*. Lip balms can be applied in such cases. Packing Clothing and Essentials for EBC Trekking. Remember, to buy hiking socks to prevent blister to make your trek comfortable. The list is exhaustive as it covers almost all the needs. And it is more sanitary if you are renting your sleeping bag. What is the best Everest Base Camp trek packing list? Why is Trekking in Nepal an Amazing Experience? And in the evenings and during the night, you can wear these on top of the long johns. To help you get a head start we have compiled an easy to navigate and complete list of what you will need for the typical Everest Base Camp Trek and similar treks in the region.. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. You have to ensure that they are comfortable and big enough to be able to wear two pairs of socks perfectly. A Guide to Everest Base Camp Trek Accommodation: - Travel Diary, Everest Base Camp trek Itinerary- 15 days, Everest Three Pass Trek/ Everest High Pass – 19 Days, Mardi Himal Trek Nepal Itinerary – 10 Days, Agritourism Nepal- Eastern Nepal Tour Package. You can also carry Muesli mix and instant tea so you can get hot water and have a cheap, easy meal during the trail. It really gets intensely cold at night. Due to the change in taste of regular food, the appetite usually suffers. Also read Everest Base camp packing for male.. Travel Diary Nepal is a travel magazine. Everest Base Camp Packing List is directly reflected on the size of your luggage. Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List for The Female Trekker Last Updated October 18, 2019 April 5, 2017 Chhatra Karki All over the world, women have been continuously breaking boundaries in … It looks really bad so talcum powder will take the moisture out of your feet making them soft and smooth. These are best worn when trekking at high altitudes when it gets cold during the day. The clothing and gear mostly rely on the season of your trek. Sandals For every day trips to the bathroom at tea-houses and during the leisure days, you will need a sandal. You got to make sure that you take a decent camera with you. My name is Marie, and I traveled to Everest Base Camp with one of my best friends, Christine. These tablets can help you prevent symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS), such as headaches or dizziness. e.         Pairs of breathable underpants –. They help your knees prevent pain during descents as well. Trekking bags: Lightweight, waterproof and durable trekking bags with comfortable straps and sturdy zippers. And I still don’t use packing cubes for every trip, but wow, are these life changing for organizing your Everest Base Camp packing list. For having bought it all in Kathmandu (with few exceptions) and resold it all for 50% back after we returned, our final out-of-pocket spending was minimal at around $110 per person, or around $8/day. ... Hopefully, this page will help if you are planning to go to Everest Base Camp or other surrounding hikes. In order to make your trip a successful one, you will definitely need some of the important trekking gears. Thermal long sleeve (x2): Thermal will be the essential base layer during the majority of your trek days.Uniqlo’s Heattech is my go-to thermals. Her favorite quote is Fly so high until your problem looks smaller and the dream seems closer. Contact us here and book your journey to Everest. You should also consider including toiletries in Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List for Female Trekkers. 1) Everest Base Camp Introduction. And make sure it is adjustable according to your height. Everest. Details of Climb Everest Mountain: How Long Does It Take? l.             Lightweight windproof fleeceÂ. Everest base Camp is a popular destination and the list can help you make the trip awesome. A must for every trekker especially if you want your electronics to be away from water. As a female hiker, if you are planning to hike Everest Base camp. ... One thought on “ Packing for Everest Base Camp ” the #1 Itinerary says: May 7, 2019 at 10:12 am This might not exactly be appealing to some but it is quite necessary for trekking above 5000m during night time. Everest Base Camp packing list for Female must contain these medicines. The Everest Base Camp trek map makes you independent by giving you all the information that you need about the route, the places and the journey. Everest Base Camp trek is a challenging trek, you need to pass through the varied trails across the rural villages and the remote mountains. Most of the trekkers are actually photographers and like to capture the moment they experience. Down shoes If you trekking in the coldest months, you will need down shoes to keep your feet warm at night. The experience will be unlike anything you’ve ever imagined. These can be of so much use especially when you’re suffering from AMS and need support. We will answer your questions in 24 hours and help you design a trip with a comfortable itinerary to best meet your needs. If you forget anything it can be purchased in Kathmandu (real or fake). Also, you should be prepared for a situation like cold, diarrhea, altitude sickness, etc. Sleep is essential to regain your energy for the day. It’ll be so worth it in the end. You can either buy them or rent from Thamel at cheap rates. This is the reason why you should always carry blister plasters with you. Also, if you have any questions, please give … Sometimes when trekkers’ boots and socks don’t fit them quite well, they might develop blisters on parts of their feet. Depending on the seasonal variations of the surrounding, it can get quite hot during the day at lower altitudes, and temperatures often fall below 0°C at night at higher altitudes. It is easy to overthink and over research packing for Everest Base Camp but you don’t need to. An Everest Base Camp trek map is the most essential thing to include in your Mount Everest packing list, and carry during the trek. Hope the list will be helpful for you. More importantly, you don’t smell like a beast after those long our treks. Everest base Camp is a popular destination and the list can help you make the trip awesome. This was the complete guide. One convertible and one that you can turn into shorts. These will help you ensure that your journey is easier and safer. You won’t have to wear lining socks under these. These can be worn at 5500m altitude to prevent your eyes from UV rays. These can be the most invaluable thing you can have with you on your trek. Being a high elevation trek, you might suffer from regular colds, diarrhea or Altitude sickness during EBC climb. We recommend you download this packing checklist and work through it when physically packing for the trip. You do not want to be suffering from this especially when you’re away from home. You will need a durable, good–quality trekking shoe. How to go to Thamel from Kathmandu Airport? Everest Base Camp Packing List. I recommend the first thing you go out and buy is the 5-piece travelwise packing cube set (the exact set I used). And you have to add a neutralizing tablet which takes away the chlorine taste. It covers most of the needs during the trek. It can get sunny sometimes so you have to be prepared for everything. You’ll have to wear the same shirts for a few days in a row because you won’t be able to do much washing during the trek. One convertible and one that you can turn into shorts.,, Himalayas on Foot PVT. Bras: Regular bras for resting days and sports bras for trekking days, Thermal Innerwear: A pair of thermals will protect you from the cold of the mountain, Fleece Jacket: A lightweight fleece for daytime trekking, Down Jacket: During the winter season, you will experience extreme low temperature at high elevations, Gloves: light-weight, quick-drying gloves, waterproof gloves for summer trek and heavy gloves for a winter trek.

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